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The three Baltic States share not only the Baltic Sea and the unique culture, but also an old tradition of song celebrations. The students’ song and dance celebration “Gaudeamus” having existed for more than a half of century is a significant live cultural event of the three States, a shared tradition of students’ song celebrations on the Baltic seacoast. The first Baltic students’ song and dance festival “Gaudeamus” was held in 1956 in Tartu, Estonia, then followed by festivals organised in turn in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
Lithuania continues this meaning mission by hosting the 16th “Gaudeamus” celebration to be held in Vilnius from 24 to 26 June 2011 and looking forward to receive over 4500 singers, dancers, musicians and performers of other genres coming from all three Baltic States.
The festival‘s events will be held in the Vilnius City Hall, in the old town, at churches, at the White Bridge and Kalnų Park.

The festival’s motto – UPSTREAM

Even when the oceans grope the Baltic Sea,
Disgorge into Nemunas,
Climb up Neris,
And reach Vilnelė –
Be aware that you run upstream.
As Vilnius is forever - Hic et nunc,
Anytime – here and now:
Everyday beyond the daily round,
Beyond the dividing lines.
There is no other way to get here if
You do not cross your doorsill,
Do not cross the bridge –
Do not feel the voice,
Uniting yourself with the others,
Destroying the walls,
Splitting the boundaries...
For the youth
Always stands against inanity,
Against ossification.
For “Gaudeamus” is always on the way of those,
Who believe in the never-ending